Antipasti / Appetizers

Affettati misti e gnocco fritto
Assortment of cold cuts with gnocco fritto
(sliced ham, salami,… accompanied by a sort of fried bread, typical of Emilia)
Scaglie di grana con aceto balsamico
Lums of Parmesan cheese with Balsamic vinegar
Piatti freddi / Cold dishes
(dried and salted beef, typical of Valtellina)
Carpaccio rucola e grana
Carpaccio with Rucola and Parmesan cheese
Caprese con mozzarella di bufala
Caprese salad of tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese
Insalata nizzarda
Salade Niçoise
(salad, tuna, boiled eggsand potatoe)

Primi piatti / Pasta and Soups

Tortellini in brodo
Tortellini Soup
(a kind of fresh homemade pasta with a filling of pork meat, eggs,
Parmesan cheese and nutmeg, cooked and served in meat broth)
Tortelloni ai funghi porcini
Tortelloni with Porcini Mushrooms
(homemade Pasta with a filling of Ricotta cheese and Porcini mushrooms)
Tortelloni verdi
(homemade Pasta with a filling of Ricotta cheese and Spinach)
with Butter Sauce/ Ragù (meat and tomato sauce)
/Sausage Sauce/ Tomato Sauce
Tagliatelle with Ragù / Sausage Sauce/ Ham and Peas Sauce
Gnocchi di patate
Potato Gnocchi with Ragù/ Sausage Sauce/ Tomato Sauce
(Fresh homemade Pasta baked with a Ragù and Béchamel sauce)
Pasta e fagioli
(a thick Pasta and beans soup)
Passatelli in brodo
Passatelli Soup
(a particular kind of Pasta made with eggs, bread-crumbs,
 Parmesan cheese and nutmeg cooked and served in meat broth)
Taglioline in brodo
Taglioline soup
(noodle soup) Penne all' arrabbiata (Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce) Schiaffoni all' amatriciana (Pasta with a spicy bacon and tomato sauce) Gramigna alla salsiccia (Pasta with sausage sauce) Rigatoni al ragù (Pasta with meat sauce) Spaghetti Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil Sauce/ Carbonara Sauce (bacon and eggs)/ Aglio e Olio (oil, garlic and red hot pepper sauce)

Secondi piatti / Meat

Grigliata mista
Assortment of Grilled Meat
Fillet Steak with Balsamic Vinegar/
 Green Pepper/
 alla Voronoff (with mustar)
Filetto ai ferri
Grilled Fillet Steak
Tagliata di manzo con rucola
Grilled sliced Beef with Rucola
Bistecca di cavallo con rucola
Horse steak with Rucola
Arrosti misti
Assortment of Roast Meat
Coniglio arrosto
Roast Rabbit
Pollo arrosto
Roast Chicken
Faraona arrosto
Roast Guinea-Fowl
Coppa di maiale al forno
Baked Pork Brawn
Prosciutto di maiale al forno
Baked Ham
Zampone (pig's trotter stuffed with meat) with potato purée or beans
Cotechino (a kind of spiced sausage) with potato purée or beans
Braciola di maiale
Pork Chop grilled or alla Contadina
(cooked with rosemary, garlic and white wine)
(Tuscan grilled steak)

Contorni / Side dish

Patate arrosto
Roast Potatoes
Patate fritte
French Fries
Potato Puree
Insalata di verdure
Mixed Salad

Dolci / Homemade Desserts

Torta barozzi
(Chocolate cake)
Crostata all' amarena
Cherry Tart
Zuppa inglese
(cream and chocolate cream on a bed of Savoiardi biscuits
soaked into Alchermes liquor)
Mascarpone Cream (Mascarpone cheese whipped
                    with eggs and sugar) 
Creme caramel
Cream caramel
Panna cotta
(Cooked Cream)
Optional Topping: Frutti di Bosco
(blackberries, bilberries, red-currant, strawberries…)
Trittico della taverna
(Amaretti biscuits, tart and Torta Barozzi)
Gelato con aceto balsamico
Ice Cream with Balsamic Vinegar (old of 30 years)

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